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Solutions For MOMS+ DADS Who Dream of finding the balance between diapers & carpool and a creative online business of their own!


Offering customized strategy, marketing & designs that lead to real results with premium unlimited support, no unreasonable expectations, and pricing you can actually budget for.


There may not be specific statistics on the number of stay-at-home, parent owned businesses, but there is no question the number of freelance & entrepreneur-owned businesses are soaring.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and consulting agencies the world over are doing a marvelous job at handing out expert generalized advice. The problem is, there are so many little niches, and nooks, and crannies that businesses fit into, it's hard to offer the right advice to everybody.

On top of that, throw in the family and children aspect of life... now nothing can be generalized. It's a real problem!

How many times have you visited a website for help on launching your own creative online business just to find that their solution to success goes something like this:

I sold everything I owned, slept on my friends couch, worked clear through the night to create content, lived on popcorn, and ramen, and coffee, etc...

Yes, that advice is awesome... for a brand-new-out-of-school lifestyle, but who can do that while raising a family? It's just not practical.

If you're anything like me, you tried to bend that advice into some sort of frankenstein-esque version of save money, don't buy anything new, don't go out or ever leave the house, and eat man and cheese as often as my children will let me... and drink lots and lots of coffee.

The problem is that starting an online creative business is already a complicated process, but to add it to a life of school schedules, extracurricular activities, carpool and homework... it can become ridiculously complicated. Plus, marketing and social media is changing so rapidly, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and getting results is not as easy as it was a few years ago.

That's where I come in. I've helped countless parentpreneurs develop, strategize, organize, launch and market their online businesses. How? Personal experience!

I have 3 kids of my own. I know how overwhelming it is; how hard it is to juggle the kids and the business, the guilt and the feeling of being torn. I didn't need a 'mommy-blog' to help with my kids, nor did I need "20-something entrepreneur" to help with my business. I needed someone who understood both sides and who could help me figure out how to balance the two. I never found it.

I wasted so much time, money, and energy on the wrong things. But now YOU don't have to! You can learn from all my mistakes! If you're ready of an online business that actually gets you results and attracts new customers while still being able to have time for your family, then we should talk!

If you're fed up with the "I can do this on my own" roller coaster and finally want to have someone in your corner that you can bounce ideas off of, ask questions to, and get real advice from, get in touch and find out how we can work together to reach YOUR goals!

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Launch Your Dreams With An Awesome Website (Like Yesterday!)

Why Wait? Let's Get Started!

First impressions count! And if you're serious about starting an online creative business you need to ... get online.

When potential clients think about hiring for a project, the web is the first place they look for more information, and to find someone to help them. YOU need to be there for them to find.

But if the thought of building your own website puts you in cold sweats, you’re not alone.

that’s where I come in - to do it for you -with the least amount of sweating possible.

A good website exudes personality. It caters to the owners brand and everything has a purpose ad a place. The visitors to the site will have instant trust and faith and find enjoyment in "just looking around". It communicates value and is a customized built-just-for-you site.




This is a free 30-45 minute Skype Call just so we can get to know each other and make sure that we are a good match. We should both feel comfortable when we're dong talking. I’ll start off by asking you questions to understand your brand, goals, target markets, content requirements, etc. Basically, what's your passion and vision for this project. 


We book a launch date, around two weeks from our call. Pay your deposit. Then you will receive a document to complete with instructions and all the content I'll need to create your awesome new website!  I don’t want overwhelm you, so there are just a few simple tasks I ask you to complete at this point. 


Once I've learned what you need, it’s time to start planning your design.  I’ll create a functional workflow chart—a document that maps out the things your website must do, and how it will do them. We'll talk color and typography and all the aesthetic details. Once you've signed off, I start putting your site together for LAUNCH. Make sure you can be available on your chosen launch day to give me feedback and answer any questions.

All That (And So Much More) Starting At $750

Need extras or something more specific? Send me an email and I'll give you a custom quote!

If somewhere between peeing on a stick and their first day of kindergarten, you put yourself and your dreams on hold, WE SHOULD TALK!

There IS A Comprehensive Guide For Social Media Success...

Are You Missing Out On Potential Clients?

If you do it right, social media can put your company and brand in front of a huge online audience. They will become your biggest fans, help you share your message, and promote your content better, faster and cheaper than any other form of marketing in history. Sounds great doesn't it? Of course! However, that audience doesn't come easily. It requires a lot of time, and effort, and a dash of patience. The good news - this guide will help you speed up that process and show you how to:

>> Brief overview of all 7 platforms
>> Correctly set up your social profiles
>> Optimize your social media posts
>> What to post and on which platform
>> Platform specific advice and tips
>> Increase engagement & page views
>> Gain more followers & potential clients
>> And so much more...


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Elle's social marketing and general marketing advice has been indispensable to me in starting and maintaining my small business. From help finding advertising design resources to assistance developing customer feedback tools, her knowledge and professionalism are top notch. Creative Rebel is more bang for the buck.

Jonathan D.

Marketing & Consulting Client

Hey this company is awesome. Sooooo much knowledge wow!!!! Such a perfect opportunity to work with Creative Rebel and all of its solutions. I highly recommend this company, especially if you're and entrepreneur trying to get ahead. Elle is the greatest.

Renee F.

Consulting, Strategy & Marketing Client