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I have started and restarted this first post about six times now. The first few times it was going to be an in-depth look into “me”, and then it changed to a behind the scenes of my business, and then it changed again into what it is I actually do, but then it hit me: I can change it. And I love that part! That’s why I love what I do and why it never feels like a job. So it changed one more time into exactly that: This is why I am a freelancer and why I truly believe that 


Reason #1 // You get to pick and choose.

When you work for yourself you get to make decisions, and you get to change your mind, and you get to decide which jobs you want to take on and which ones you don’t. I think that’s where the ‘free’ in ‘freelancing’ comes into play. It’s such an amazing feeling. When you work for somebody else, they get to determine what jobs you’ll take on, and how long it should take, and when you’re all done, they get to decide if it’s good enough or not. Freelancing allows you the flexibility to make all of those decisions yourself.

Reason #2 // You can specialize and create a niche.

If you decide to become a freelancer you have the option to either keep it really open and offer a wide range of products or services, OR you can narrow it down and focus on just one or two things specific to you and your skills. On that note though, be careful offering too many ‘specialties’ – few people are pros at everything, but most of us are exceptional with at least one thing. By creating a niche you can also increase your chances of only taking on the work that you really like to do, and usually once those clients are hooked, you can broaden your services/products and they’ll be happy to work with you on other things too.

Reason #3 // You get to make your own deadlines.

Ever work for a job that demands unrealistic deadlines and you’re practically sweating bullets and pulling your hair out to try to meet them? Yeah, I hated those jobs too. As a freelancer though, you get to evaluate each job and YOU get to choose the deadlines. You can also work with your clients about adjusting timelines and it’s easier to backup your own reasons vs somebody elses.

Reason #4 // You get to charge what YOU’RE worth.

Regardless if it’s a product or a service that you offer, it’s always frustrating when someone else gets to pin that price tag on. Many of us initially start looking into freelance work as a means of financial freedom. Which is an awesome reason! Just remember that it’s not only $XX per hour that matters; you must take into account the quality and value of what you’re offering. A word to the wise: make all of your quoting into a mathematical equation:  Takes V hours + Has W value + Uses X in resources (x) Y% = Z total. By taking all of this into account, you won’t be sitting at the end of the month wondering why you only made $2 profit.

Reason #5 // You will be growing and developing constantly.

Last but definitely NOT least… you will constantly be growing and pushing yourself to do better and learn more. You will be your own worse critic and your own competition. This will drive you to always be challenging yourself and your confidence and knowledge will grow exponentially! When you work for somebody else, sometimes they like to box you up and keep you there: if you’re the best stapler they have, they’re not going to let you try paper clips.. or imagine the possibilities of tape. As a freelancer, you get to explore your skills and push their boundaries.

Doesn’t sound so bad huh? See, told ya.

Sure there are pitfalls, but there are risks with everything we do, why not at least try doing something you love? And remember, I’m around if you ever have questions or need any help.

What do you think? I’d love to hear! Share your comments below.

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