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Are you frustrated with Twitter? Are you not getting the results you want and debating just giving up? I’ve been hearing this a lot lately (or something similar). But not fret your pretty little heads. Chances are you are doing one of these

Top 5 Twitter Mistakes:

  1. User Name: If people can’t find you, they can’t follow you. Make it easy for people to find you. If your business is Super Awesome Co. make your twitter profile be @superawesomeco. It’s fun to be creative and unique, but your clients/customers/followers won’t appreciate the humor when they’re looking for you and can’t find you
  2. Customize Your Profile: Signing up for the Twitter account is the easy part. After that, make sure that it’s customized to match your brand. This includes: uploading a profile picture, choosing a background (don’t go crazy and make it too busy) and header, a short bio line and a location, (sometimes searches are done by location alone, so don’t lose potential followers because you don’t list where you’re located.)
  3. Your Tweets are:
    Too Long: I know it says you have 140 characters, but if you use ALL 140 your followers can’t ReTweet you as easily. Give them room to add the RT and maybe a word or two. Try to stick to around 125-130 characters.
    Too Often: Don’t talk ALL the time. Nobody likes a motor mouth. Also, engage with your followers, as about THEM. Talk WITH them and not TO them. This will make a huge difference to your followers!
    Not Enough: Sometimes in the beginning it will feel like you’re talking to yourself, don’t get discouraged and stop tweeting. You can’t tweet every few weeks and expect to gain a ton of followers – there has to be something worth following.
  4. Ignore Mentions: Your Twitter account will tell you when other people mention you. Respond to these. Be personable with your followers and not just a follow robot. Interaction and communication are the keys to gaining followers!
  5. Don’t Stray Far: You started your Twitter for a reason, keep it within those guidelines as much as possible. This is a fine line, but if you’re a bakery: stay within the realms of baking, catering, food, and similar things. Don’t go on lengthy tangents about your love for all things faux-fur. Use Twitter to share relative links, opinions, new trends, photos, etc.

So do any of these things sound like you? Did I forget some that should have really made this list? Let’s hear your biggest Twitter pet-peeves.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, you should follow me: @cre8tiverebel. Come on. It’ll be fun!!

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