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SIX Tips for Designing a Kickass Mobile Website. + A Free Worksheet

Everything happens online. I’m sure that’s not news to anybody… now close your eyes and think about how YOU do online. Are you sitting quietly in a cute little coffee shop – open laptop, hipster music, and a latte in hand. Or are you smashed between Frodo Baggins and Wanna-Be-Elvis on the subway while trying to check your Facebook, read the Creative Rebel Blog and buy those shoes that Alison was wearing because you KNOW you’ll look better in them… chances are it’s the latter. And chances are (again) your clients are doing the same thing with your site. So make sure it’s ready by following this guide:

No. 1: Less Is More – Cut The Fat

Websites are huge. They have big pictures, flashing banners, sidebars, ads…. Mobile sites are views on small screens. (No big shocker, right?) They don’t need all of that stuff. So as you’re mobile-tizing (yeah it’s a word… now) your site, cut the fat. Feature your most important things and hide the rest on the desktop version. Make sure you keep the information that your customers need, but leave all the bells and whistles for your flagship.

No. 2: Buttons = Actions

Again, mobile sites are viewed on small screens… (have you heard that somewhere before?) Not all of us have dainty, little pixie fingers and nothing is more frustrating than trying to click a button and it not go where you want.

Buttons = Actions

So if you want your users to do something on your mobile site, whether it’s “Buy Now” or “Read More”, make it actually attainable.

No. 3: Give It Room To Breath

White space is important for EVERY design! If used correctly it can create a perfect focus and direction for what you’re wanting your users to look at/do. Remember, you don’t have to fill every pixel. Give your site room to breath and your users eyes a break. White space is wonderful at showcasing features… like large buttons.

No. 4: Don’t Recreate The Wheel

You don’t have to create some new-fangled way to swipe. Most mobile users are already accustomed to what swipe does what and what a double-tap does. They’ve already been taught, so don’t waste your time (or theirs) trying to come up with a new way to do things.

No. 5: Make Sense

When your users visit your site, more than likely they have a specific goal. Don’t make it hard for them to achieve that goal. If it takes too long to accomplish what they came to your site for, they’ll go somewhere else. It should only take a few obvious steps to get where they need to be.

No. 6: FAST & Easy!

Fact: Your users are on your mobile site because they aren’t in front of a computer (umm. duh?) Chance are they are needing something in a hurry. Make sure your images are small enough that your site doesn’t get bogged down. Include easy to navigate menus or common swipe methods. Do everything you can to make sure that your users can get in, get what they want, and get out without getting frustrated.

Too much to remember? No worries, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD your very own PDF Cheat Sheet with these SIX Tips for Designing a Kickass Mobile Website!

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SIX Tips for Designing a Kickass Mobile Website. + A Free Worksheet

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