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For Good Measure: Hiring A Designer: Part II

I was thinking last night… cause I can’t sleep… and I thought of a few more tips to consider before hiring a designer. Remember THIS POST? Well this adds to that.

+ Listen! You chose and hired your designer for a reason. They know what they’re doing. Pay attention and listen, sometimes we actually do know what we’re talking about.

+ Don’t Be Passive Aggressive. Honesty is the best policy in design. If you don’t like something, say it, when you see it. Don’t wait until the very end and then send over a list of 20 corrections that have been there since the first version.

+ Remember great designing takes hours upon hours. For a custom blog design you’re looking between 6-10 hours. Don’t be offended when you get the price. You’re paying for their talent, their time, their knowledge, and their experience. It’s like getting a tattoo – if you pay $20, you’re gonna get a $20 tattoo. Take my word for it… you don’t want a $20 tattoo.

+ Make Decisions. Don’t ask your friends, and your family, and your pet, and your long lost second cousin what they think. It’s your design, make a decision about it. If you like it, say so, if you don’t, let them know.

+ Be specific. “I don’t like the header” doesn’t really help. Why? Use details like “I want the pink to be more red. I want smaller font for the tagline. It feels too busy, take out the graphic.”

See… Not so bad right? Now, you have a fantastic new design and everybody is happy. Time to fill up that content.

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