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A simple guide to help you be the YOU that you WANT to be and you accomplish the goals that YOU want to accomplish!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want and how to accomplish it. It’s really not that hard, you know. If you actually set down and think about it. The hardest part is truly figuring out what it is you want and who you want to become. Then it’s just a matter of stopping any self-defeating habits and then replacing them with productive ones.

Don’t understand? Let me show you:

I want to be a freelance superstar.

Don’t: work for free, miss deadlines, over think everything, be afraid.
Do: network like crazy, research and learn trends, show off your talents, talk with people about your goals.

I want to be healthier.

Don’t: eat out every day, not exercise, drink excessive amounts of coffee/alcohol/soda, load up on carbs and sweets.

Do: eat lots fruits, veggies and lean meats, drink lots of water, find exercises you enjoy doing.

I want to do better in school/work.

Don’t: skip assignments, miss days, not give your best, make excuses.
Do: your research, be present, stay focused, work hard.

I want more/better friends.

Don’t: gossip, wait for the call/text, leave people hanging, lie, judge
Do: reach out, be the inviter, give compliments, go to events/parties/classes, offer assistance, be reliable.

I want to get out of debt.

Don’t: spend frivolously, eat out all the time, use your credit cards.
Do: create and stick to a budget, stay focused, reward yourself with small things

I want a better relationship.

Don’t: give up, put off “that talk” that needs to happen, always give in, lie, belittle.
Do: try to understand their POV, give compliments, laugh together, date, accept them, talk.

I want better memories with my kids.

Don’t: be too busy, lie, ignore them, let the TV/iPod/Internet know them better than you do, pawn them off.
Do: listen to them, pay attention, come up with fun activities, learn their likes/dislikes, let them be who they are.

See it’s not really that hard to accomplish any/all of these things. Once you stop being counter-productive that’s half the battle. Then if you can replace all those “bad” habits with good ones… it’s just a matter of time.

To help you set your own goals and make this into an action! (Cause action is so much better than words, don’t you think?) Click to download  the ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS Worksheet. Fill in the blanks, cut out the square, then tape, pin, post, glue, velcro (you get the idea?) your goal lists somewhere you’ll see them everyday! You can do this!!

Accomplish Your Goals FREE Packet

So what do you want? What are your “Do’s” and “Don’t’s”?

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