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Archive for May 2015

Dear Einstein – Now You Are Ten

Dear Einstein, Wow! What an amazing year you’ve had! I know I say it with every consecutive year, but I do believe nine was your best year yet! Just 365 days ago you were standing there smiling that cute little boy smile, and yet today, when I dropped you off at school you turned and…

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14 Hashtags For Bloggers

have been doing some research on hashtags. You know, those little # symbols followed by some random word: #apple. At first they just annoyed me, but then I realized how much potential that little # could have. Using hashtags is a great way to help people find your blog, stite, article, etc. It can increase…

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***Giveaway closed – winner selected 5/25/15*** Over the weekend, the Creative Rebel Designs Facebook Page reached a milestone. (My baby is growing up!) 200 Facebook Followers Needless to say, I’m pretty damn excited! And to celebrate such a momentous occasion, I’m offering a  to one lucky giveaway winner. To enter, go to the Facebook Page…

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This week on: The Weekly Brew… I talk about my love affair with music and how it plays such an important role in my life. Music is one of my most favorite things in the world! I get so caught up and wrapped around the lyrics, the sound, the rhythm, the whole experience of it…

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Content Is King! Are Your Writing It Right? + A Free Worksheet

Content is King! Are You Writing it Right? You could have the absolute bestest, prettiest, most awesome-sauce website/blog in the world, but if it’s filled with boring content, it’s a let down. Websites can’t stand on amazing graphics & pretty colors alone. There has to be something beyond that sexy exterior. Something that pulls at…

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There were so many things that I wanted to be when I grew up: An artist. A teacher. A photographer. When I was little, the  list of “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” (Or at least part of my list) grew daily. I’d see people doing and being things and I’d want…

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