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This week on: The Weekly Brew… I talk about that weird child/parent-relationship and how it evolves.

You see, my parents were in town recently. Normally we have 2,300 miles between us. So it’s not a common occurrence to have them around. I haven’t seen them since April and they haven’t been to my house in over 2 years, so it was a slight adjustment. Having them actually here and implanted in my daily life was strange. It got me thinking about that parent/child relationship and how it all works… at least for me.

My parents and I have a somewhat strained relationship at times. I live a certain way and do certain things that they don’t approve of – and they aren’t always as open-minded as I’d hope. I was raised in a very religious background, and therefore, my tattoos, occasional glass of wine or cocktail, and slight obsession with freedom isn’t exactly kosher on all fronts.

But this week I came to the conclusion that the key to our relationship isn’t really a constant agreement, but more of a roller coaster of acceptance.

I will never be that “perfect little girl” that they always imagined in their heads. It’s taking a while, but I think they’re starting to come to terms with that. On the same note, I will also never be able to watch the sunset and have a nice glass of wine with my mom or enjoy an early morning coffee with my dad. It’s ok though, I accept that they will never see my side the way I do, just like I will never be able to see theirs. It’s just a matter of accepting that neither side is “right” or “wrong”, we’re just different and it’s all a matter of relativity.

I know this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, and I’m sure many of you have already figured all this out, but this realization put a lot of things that I’ve been holding onto in to perspective for me, and I can finally let it all go. *whew*

What thoughts did you guys brew up this past week?

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