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There were so many things that I wanted to be when I grew up: An artist. A teacher. A photographer.

When I was little, the  list of “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” (Or at least part of my list) grew daily. I’d see people doing and being things and I’d want to do and be that too. I wanted to experience it all and be everything.

A better cook. More patient. A better designer. A better decorator.

But as I grew up the lists changed into goals and ideas. Here’s a list of goals I want to complete now that I’m an adult. We all have these things. These dreams and goals that we want to fulfill. But for some reason we let them slide. We give up. We let time win and we stop trying.

Why do we do this? Why do we let things get in our way of achieving our goals?

Want the secret to stop? Make time your friend. Learn to appreciate and enjoy life for how it is right now and stop racing a clock for changes. Slowly set your goals and let them happen.

>> enJOY Everyday. Find something to be happy about Help somebody at the store. Make somebody smile. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it will change your mood and eventually your perspective on life. Being happy is a choice, so make it!

>> Change It Up. Do something different everyday. I’m guilty of this a lot lately. I let life get set on auto-pilot and I forget. I get stuck in a routine and don’t change it up until it’s already affecting my happiness. Find ways to do something different every day. Always move forward.

>> Set Goals. Both long and short term ones. Break them down into small tasks. Achieving the small steps will keep you motivated to do the big ones.

>> Do What You Love. Pursue your passions. Find a way to do something you love every day.

>> Share. Everybody has different skills and talents. Share them. Help others achieve their goals and you’ll start noticing you’ll be achieving your own as well. Be nice and work together with everybody you find. You never know when they may be able to help you in return.

>> Play. I know you’re a grown up. But that doesn’t mean you should stop playing. Be curious. Search for adventure. Explore the world. Laugh out loud. Have fun!

>> Learn & Read. You don’t know everything. Never stop trying to learn more. Read anything you get your hands on. Find different perspectives and outlooks. See things from different sides. Read best sellers and know the world you’re living in. Be able to communicate and discuss current topics.

>>Believe. You really can do anything you want. It’s your life. You get to choose who you are and how you live. Don’t let others make this choice for you.

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