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Dear Einstein – Now You Are Ten

Dear Einstein,

Wow! What an amazing year you’ve had!

I know I say it with every consecutive year, but I do believe nine was your best year yet! Just 365 days ago you were standing there smiling that cute little boy smile, and yet today, when I dropped you off at school you turned and flashed that debonair grin you’ve recently acquired, with full fledged dimples and deep blues – those poor girls don’t stand a chance!

Einstein BabyThis time last year, you were still cuddling with me on the couch during scary movies and whispering, “This part is kinda scary, Mom.” You’d nestle in deeper against me and we’d both peek out around the blankets and then laugh. You were still clumsy and not quite sure how to move your growing body, constantly knocking things off counters, tables, and shelves. You’d get embarrassed and cuss your elbows under your breath, at which point I would have to turn away so you couldn’t see me laughing. Your voice began to change a few months ago and you were very careful about how excited you’d get in front of company. The moment you let go, it was all over the place, and again, I’d have to turn to hide my amusement.

Einstein and momThese days, you almost never want to cuddle with me. You’re too big and are needing your own space to grow and become more independent. I can respect that. You’re still growing (you almost look me in the eye now when we talk), but you’ve become use to the length and strength of your new limbs. Your reflexes have started catching up and although there is still cursing under your breath, more often than not you are able to catch whatever it is you’ve knocked off, long before it hits the ground. And your voice, although not entirely changed yet, is deeper and you’ve mastered it’s control.

Einstein FishingWe had so many amazing experiences together when you nine, Einstein, and I really hope that as you grow up, you are able to remember a lot of them. We went on hikes all over Utah and South Carolina. We saw waterfalls, swam in lakes and rivers, rode bikes, boats, motorcycles, and kayaks through swamps, river beds, and beaches. We climbed trees, raced up mountains, jumped over rock formations and dove from cliffs. We visited Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho, Colorado and got to show you most of Utah (there’s still that little piece yet to be explored.) We planted vegetables, picked apples, ran through sprinklers and laid in giant mud puddles while we watched the clouds. We dared each other to eat Warheads and lick lemons. I helped you as  you spent hours trying to master that rock climbing wall at the gym, and by the time you were done your legs were shaking and my hands were blistered.

Einstein FlyingAt nine, you began Fourth Grade. I was worried about how you’d handle having Mayhem on your tail the entire day, but as always, you amazed me with your brotherly love! You walked him to class every. single. day. You made sure your bus driver knew you were his big brother and that you had to sit beside him all the way home. You protected him from the older kids teasing when he started crying because he missed his mom those first few weeks. And you let him fall asleep on your lap and quietly read your book while all of your friends played. I never thought it was possible, but at nine, you and your brother became closer than ever.

Einstein HogtiedThis past year you played little league, and even though you’ve never been into team sports, you excelled – 3 home runs and catching that fly ball. I will never forget the look on your face when it landed in your glove – pride and confusion in perfect harmony. This year, you’ve spent hours trying to explain “the point” of Minecraft to me (to which I still insist there isn’t one). And we played epically long games of Charades and Fact or Crap during power surges while sitting on the front porch in the dreaded Southern humidity. And when you weren’t talking, you had nose in a book. I couldn’t be happier with your love of reading!!

Einstein KayakingEinstein, you truly are amazing and just SOOO much fun to be around!! I fully believe that you can do absolutely anything! That’s what I love about you, Einstein! You really are a ton of fun! You make me laugh every day. You are a natural entertainer – full of conversation and useless facts that I can never get enough of! You are full of energy and love, from the moment you wake up (too early!) to the time you finally give in and fall asleep at night. You are a very devoted brother, loving son, and want nothing more than our attention. You love board games, magic tricks, pranks, and creating things. You’re a thinker and sometime an over-explainer, but for all of that I love you more!

Einstein StrongYou are so special and unique, so unlike any other child I’ve ever known. You are you, independent, unstoppable, curious YOU. That’s what makes each and every “the best yet!”

But now, today, you are ten. You’re growing up. And yes, I miss my Baby Einstein, but I have to admit that the older you get, the closer we’ve become. I am starting to see what kind of an adult you’ll become and I really like it!

You’re ten and you are smarter and full of more information on Greek mythology, Harry Potter, Minecraft, jokes, robots, space and vocabulary. You’re more into dirt bikes, climbing, music, computers, and headphones… but not quite old enough to dodge my kisses in the morning. You’re ten and I truly can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you.

I love you, Einstein. I am the luckiest mom on the planet!! You changed my life forever and I love you for it!! You are amazing!! 1-4-3

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Dear Einstein – Now You Are Ten

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