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Archive for June 2015

5 Tips To Become A Social Media Expert – Right Now!

A HUGE part in setting up a successful business and website has to do with marketing and how you promote yourself. This is where social media comes in and plays a very important role! It is one of the best ways to gain organic (non-paid) traffic to your site, and when we’re talking about social…

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4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers – Like a Ninja!

Did you know that over 1/2 of the population prefers a brands Facebook Page over their website. They say it’s because the Facebook page let’s them talk with the brand – it puts them on the same level and creates a feeling of involvement. No wonder every business out there ends their TV commercials and…

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35 Ways To Create THE WORST Website EVER. (aka What Not To Do)

I’ve seen a lot of websites in my day – both through design and just through organic searching. However, as a designer it’s different. Instead of just landing on the page and doing my thing, designers (or at least I) start going through it and checking off things that I like and don’t like. If…

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One Simple Tip To Boost Your Rankings and Help You Grow.

You ever hear that old adage about “less is more”… That’s my tip for today. The end. Oh wait, you want more? Good… 🙂 Search engine page rankings are very closely linked to user design. If the user can navigate your site and keeps coming back to see what else you have to say, your…

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