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How To: Create A Twitter Page For Your Brand.

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that allows business and consumers to hangout on the same playing field. At no other time in history has this been so readily available and easy to do. Everybody – from big name brands, to celebrities, to musicians, to local coffee shops, and my 12 year old cousin – has a Twitter account. So why would you NOT want your brand to be in on all that action? Answer: You do!

By using all of the elements of your existing brand, creating your Twitter Business page should be a cinch! After all, it’s just another platform for you to connect with your customers, fans, and friends. Your design and feel should be consistent across the board, from website, to shop, to social media outlets. This will keep everything kosher on the branding front lines.

Why A Twitter Brand Page

Consistency = Strength. Showing your fans and potential customers that you are solid and being consistent with your message offers proof that you know what you’re doing. Repetition of that message makes it more likely that they will remember you in the future, you know, when they need the widgets you’re selling or the trumpet you’re tooting. If you start mixing messages, it’s only going to confuse the very people you’re trying to make understand: your audience. You’ll be lost faster than a kid at a carnival. (Don’t test that theory! Please!)

How To Create The Twitter Brand Page

Social media is an incredible outlet for your brand. It gives it a living, breathing personality. Which is awesome! Your brand should be displayed in the logo, the slogan, the design choices on your website, and seen through the windows of your storefront (brick and mortar or online – if applicable). This whole cohesive feeling and vibe should transition easily over to your brand new Brand Twitter Page (see how I used that word play – fun!) So as you’re designing your page and going through the options, make sure you’re paying special attention to:

  • Font choice – Is it the same/close?
  • Color choice – Does it match everything else?
  • Layout – Is it similar to your website?
  • Overall feel – Can you tell it belongs?
  • Personality – Does it connect/sound the same?
  • Contact – Are you using the same information?
  • Profile/Bio & Images – Does it match the others?

As you are working to create a Twitter Page for your brand, you want to make sure that the background matches or at least has the same tone as your other social media, shop, website, etc.. Also, and this is important, your Twitter avatar should be the same as all your other social media – this alone can create a consistent feel. You want to be recognized, across the board. The goal is not to confuse your fans. Everything you do should be with the goal to MOVE FORWARD. You can’t do that if you’re constantly having to explain who you are to people who should already know.

There are a ton of really bad Twitter Brand Pages out there, do a quick search and you’ll find them. You want to be memorable, but not in THAT way. Having a consistent, professional-looking design is like having the gold embossing and wax seal on the envelope, it makes a difference… and you’ll be remembered.

What do you think? Share your comments below and join in the conversation.

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How To: Create A Twitter Page For Your Brand.

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