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One Simple Tip To Boost Your Rankings and Help You Grow.

You ever hear that old adage about “less is more”… That’s my tip for today. The end.

Oh wait, you want more? Good… 🙂

Search engine page rankings are very closely linked to user design. If the user can navigate your site and keeps coming back to see what else you have to say, your rankings go up. However, the opposite is true as well, if the user gets lost, confused or bored and never comes back again, your rankings go down.

The solution to boost your rankings is to keep your viewers on your site as long as possible. To do this, your site has to be clean and simple to navigate. Content is still the king, but you can’t have a fat, bloated, overly zealous and talkative king. He needs to be efficient and driven. Get to the point and don’t stretch to fill a word counter.

So here it is, in the purest form:

The Google Fairy Godmother grants higher ranking + more pageview wishes to simple (yet professional/sophisticated) sites. Be one of those.

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One Simple Tip To Boost Your Rankings and Help You Grow.

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