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How To: Create Your Very Own Ideal Customer Profile + A Free Workbook

Do you know who your IDEAL CUSTOMER is? Don’t laugh. Sure, as a small business owner or blog writer you know basically what you’re selling and what kind of followers you’re looking for. You may even have a rough idea about the kind of customers you already have, but you might not know much else.

It’s ok, really.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Running a business, and writing copy, and scheduling posts can have you so caught up in ‘doing’ business and paying your bills, it’s totally understandable that you haven’t had the the time to step back and take a bird’s eye view of your clients/followers…

But now it’s time to do just that! Because if you don’t know WHO you’re talking to, then how can you expect them to know WHAT you’re trying to say. How do you make them WANT to follow or buy from you if you don’t even know what they’re wanting from you? Confused yet? Don’t be.

Today is your lucky day! I’m going to walk you through all the big questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you write a post, make a sale, or create a schedule. Download this FREE Ideal Customer Profile Workbook and you’ll be able to pinpoint your target audience and your Perfect Customers! Image how nice that will be when you’re writing posts and making sales?

How To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile - Step By Step How-To Guide.What do you think? Did the workbook help? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Start/Join in a conversation.

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How To: Create Your Very Own Ideal Customer Profile + A Free Workbook

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