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How To: Feel Good About YOUR Photos.

I’m not a professional photographer by any means. I’m not making that claim, not even close! And honestly, just like all of you I’m sure, I’m my own worse critic. I took over 4000 pictures already this summer and how many made the cut – thirty? maybe. But I don’t feel like the others are necessarily bad. I always feel good about the photos that make it to my top tier, but the others are usually very similar, I just wish something had gone a bit differently in them. And every one of them were a learning experience and I got better with each click of the button.

So here are a few simple things that you can do to help you feel good about YOUR photos:

Don’t Compare Yourself.

The internet is jammed pack with amazing photos and photographers. People with experience and skills that are out of this world incredible! The trick is, don’t compare yourself with these people. Compare yourself to yourself – six months ago. You’re not Ansel Adams, nor are you submitting your work to National Geographic (unless you are, then this post doesn’t apply to you). Don’t compare yourself to that level of expertise. You’re your own competition. If you’re paying attention and always trying to better your skills, you WILL notice a difference in three months, six months, two years, etc…

Size Don’t Matter.

Stop worrying about what your equipment is. It doesn’t matter what camera you’re holding, how old it is, or anything else. I’d dare bet that over half of the pictures I take and actually like are taken with my iPhone. For most of the last year, I haven’t had a decent working camera, so I’ve used my phone and have caught some pretty awesome shots with it. Don’t get me wrong, all camera’s are different, but for now just use whatever you already own and learn how to use it to the full capacity (ie: not only the “auto” mode). Your wallet will definitely thank you!

Remember Why and Who.

Why are you taking these photos? To capture moments and memories? To pass time? Or for a career?

Who are they going to be seen by? Again, unless you’re submitting to NatGeo. Don’t worry so much about all the details. MOST of us are just trying to capture the moment. And sometimes those moments will be blurry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the pictures are bad. It means you really did capture the feeling of it.

In the end, if you’re happy with your photos, that’s really all that matters! They’re yours, you should like them!

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How To: Feel Good About YOUR Photos.

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