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My Top 5 Instagram Apps

Do you use Instagram?

No? Well your audience does, so you should probably start. With over 300 million users on Instagram, I don’t think any serious professional can afford NOT to have a platform. It’s a very easy and fun way to get more business leads… what’s not to like with that sentence?

In this Instagram series I’m going to start with the Top 5 Apps that I use to make managing my Instagram account extremely easy, all while keeping my pictures looking professional and branded. 🙂 Win. Win.

Top 5 Apps For Instagram

For Photo-editing, I Use: VSCO Cam

It’s great for selecting focal points, changing exposure, adding filters and effects, etc… It’s like a little Photoshop in my hand. I love it!
Download for iTunes >> HERE | Download for Google Play >> HERE

 VSCO Cam - Awesome Instagram photo takingapp

For Scheduling, I Use: Latergramme

Instagram doesn’t really allow a 3rd party to post for it. It’s more of an “on-the-go” and “in-the-moment” type platform. However, I use Latergramme to help me remember to post at certain times. It’s great because I can upload a photo, write the post, and then schedule a time. When that time comes, I receive a notification on my phone and all I have to do is open and hit “Publish”. Simple. Easy. Love It.
Download for iTunes >> HERE | Download for Google Play >> HERE

Latergramme - Awesome Instagram reposting app

For Re-Posting, I Use: Repost For Instagram

This is a great app for re-posting a image from somebody else. It automatically takes care of giving credit and makes a link back to the original author. It’s even a really fun site to peruse all by itself. 🙂
Download for iTunes >> HERE | Download for Google Play >> HERE

Repost For Instagram - Awesome Instagram reposting app

For Collage Creating, I Use: Diptic

I love this app because it’s simple. It’s very straight forward and I don’t have to think very much. (Which is usually a bonus for me.) You can choose the collage style you want, and then just click and place, add border, colors, and even text. It’s wonderful!
Download for iTunes >> HERE | Download for Google Play >> HERE

Diptic - Awesome Instagram Collage Making app

For Branding + Text Addition, I Use: WordSwag (Phonto on Android)

Wordswag - Awesome Instagram Text on Pics app

Wordswag (and Phonto) are great apps for putting stylized text on top of your images. They’re super easy to use and come with styles already set up for you to choose from. This is also the app that I use for adding my logo/watermark to the bottom of my photos. So easy! (Just make sure you have a saved version of your logo with a transparent background if you’re wanting to do this too.)
Download for iTunes >> HERE | Download for Google Play >> HERE

So what did you think? Do you use any of these apps too? Any others that you use that I’ve missed?

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My Top 5 Instagram Apps

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