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Currently Loving: ep.01

This week has been one of those really weird time warp weeks. The ones where some days just flew by and left me standing in the kitchen going “Whoa”, and then other days that felt like the clock was going backward and yesterday would be tomorrow. There’s been some rough spots this week, and some unfortunate situations as well. But no matter what, there’s always something to be thankful for, right? So let’s focus on that part right now.

I’m Currently Loving…

>>Summertime: I know it’s almost over, but in this exact moment, I love it! I love the lazy evenings, the sunshine, the yard sales, the hiking, the smell of sunscreen and fresh cut grass. I love that my boys get to enjoy being a kid and run through sprinklers, play in watering holes, scrape their knees and get super hero band-aids. I love the shorts, and the tank tops and the sandals. The sights, the sounds, the smells and the taste… I love it all! Thank you, Summer!

>> House of Cards: I’ve watched it once already, but going back through the whole thing has been really fun. I’ve picked up so much more this time! Kevin Spacey is an incredible actor and if I could just look like Robin Wright and have those closets… amazing!

>> The Gym: Thank you for allowing me to run, and lift, and sweat all over your equipment (Gross, I know.) But has helped me get a lot of frustrations out this week and it all around just makes me feel better! (And my pants not being quite so tight is an added bonus for sure!

>> Coffee: I’m extremely grateful for this magical liquid that keeps my eyes open and my brain functioning. Long nights and early mornings = grumpy. Not a good thing. So thank you coffee. I’ve put you to the test this week and you haven’t let me down!


Nadine from Blog Brighter has been on my superstar reading list this week. I’ve pretty much scoured her blog and found some amazing articles! Like I said above, I’ve been going to the gym a lot so in order to keep that time as productive as possible, I’ve been listening to podcasts in my niche so that I can help you, my readers. (And so I can create these really long run-on sentences too…) Anyway, Nadine posted back in April about 9 Podcasts For Bloggers and I have been LOVING every one of them so far! You should definitely check her list out! It’s awesome!

Kyla Roma from is absolutely amazing! I literally have to bribe myself away from my computer whenever I start reading through her blog. Last night I poured over this post: Five Minutes to a Better Blog: Does Your Site Link With Intention or Send Readers Away? I’ve just discovered it recently, but it’s been a HUGE help! (Oh and yes, the tattoo sleeve is a really big bonus in case you were wondering.) She knows her stuff and has the best actionable tips I’ve seen in a long time. And her style, superb!! If you ever have 5 minutes (or hours) this is where you should start reading. Amazingness!! Truly!! I’m in the process of a HUGE site redesign and have been using some of the tips in her blog to have a better set up for my next endeavor. 🙂 Thanks, Kyla!

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Currently Loving: ep.01

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