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How to Save Time & Have A Better Online Presence

It’s no secret (especially if you’ve been following a long this blog for any length of time) that you need to have an online business presence. Your clients are on social media so you should be too. That’s where they’re looking, so that’s where you should be standing. Simple enough concept, right?

But what about TIME.

Running a business or writing a blog can be so demanding on our time. There’s always something being added to the To-Do list. But never-fear my solopreneur friends, here are 4 tips for managing your online presence AND having time for those pesky necessities like eating and sleeping:

Know You Goal

Before you sit down to your computer, know what your goal is for that day and only spend time on the things that will directly affect that goal. If there’s time left over, move on to tomorrow’s goals or work on the miscellaneous tasks that are always looming overhead.

Watch The Data

All those numbers, stats and insights that programs like Google Analytics and SumAll send to you, those are invaluable to helping you create a plan of action that will really work. Those stats show you exactly what your customers want and where they spend their time. Don’t ignore these things! It’s crucial!!

Use A Scheduler

Don’t try to be a hero. It’s impossible to remember every little thing and you’ll spend hours upon hours trying to post to social media in real time. Use scheduling programs such as: Buffer, HootSuite, PostPlanner, MeetEdgar, SproutSocial, Latergramme, and my personal favorite: Rignite. These are a life saver! They save me hours of time each day, and they run constantly so I can focus on other things like answering emails, designs for clients, and creating new content.

Use Graphics

“Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Ever hear that cliche? Well it’s true. And your audience will agree. People pay more attention to images than they do words. If you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator (or even if you do) I highly, highly recommend Canva. It’s an awesome online site that can help you create amazing branded images for any social platform, site, or printed material that you may need.

I hope this list has helped you relax a little bit and not stress over that online presence issue. It’s all about finding a routine and schedule that works best for you (which I go into detail about HERE and offer a free download if you’re interested.)

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Start/Join in a conversation.


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How to Save Time & Have A Better Online Presence

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