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6 Reasons “Be Your Own Boss” Isn’t Always A Benefit

I’ve been going through a ton of blogs and articles lately about freelancing and becoming an entrepreneur and I have to say… the majority of them are full of shit.

As a newbie freelancer I remember hearing about the awe and wonder of this new world. It’s mystical powers that would allow me to stay in my PJs forever, never have to don my heels again, take my kids to school and then go back to bed, and still make 6-figures. *cue heavenly choir*.

But after some experience, you start to realize that it’s actually a lot of damn work! Nobody signs their hard-earned money over to you unless there’s a valid reason. You STILL have to earn it! You still have to get up in the morning and push yourself to be the very best that you can be.

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6 ACTUAL Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself:

Job Security Is A Lie

People who tell you that you shouldn’t go out on your own and start living your dream (job) because you won’t have “job security” are dumbasses. There’s never been such a thing and there never will be. You could put 20+ years toward a company and all it takes is one downsize and you’re gone. Loyalty only goes as far as the person writing the checks deems necessary. Don’t let falsehoods like “job security” be a reason to not try.

You Don’t Have To Ask Permission To Live

It sort of boggles my mind how so many people are completely content to live within the confines of the “normal 40 hour work week” and how they don’t mind asking for permission to be human-beings. I always hated having to fill out a form so I could go to the dentist, have lunch with my kids, run to the bank or go to my annual OBGYN appointments. ??? Personal much!? If you work for yourself,  you can schedule around such needs and not have to broadcast it on the Office Calendar for Jerry to oogle over.

You CAN Live and SEE Your Children and Family

I have kids – two boys. And they mean the absolute world to me. So as a mom/parent I can understand the need/desire to be with your children and to create memories and impressions on them. With that said, let’s break down a normal 40 hour work week (5 days) WITH children:

  • To Begin – There are 120 Hours in 5 Days. (5 days x 24 hours/ea = 120 hours)
  • Full-Time Job: 8 hours x 5 days = 40 hours Working (bare minimum)
  • Suggested Sleep: 8 hours x 5 days = 40 hours Sleeping
  • Average Time to Get Ready: 1.5 hours x 5 days = 7.5 hours (shower, makeup, hair, shaving, breakfast etc…)
  • Average Commute is 30 minutes one-way: 1 hour x 5 days = 5 hours Commuting
  • Exercise: 1 hour x 3 days = 3 hours Exercising
  • Random Errands: 1 hour x 3 days = 3 hours (bank, store, etc…)
  • Meal Prep: 1 hour x 5 days = 5 hours
  • Family Dinner: 1 hour x 5 days = 5 hours
  • Homework: 1 hour x 5 days = 5 hours
  • Grand Total = 113.5 hours used |•| 120 total – 113.5 used = 6.5 hours.
  • Conclusion: 6.5 hours per week to make memories, play, have “me” time. Divide that up by 5 days = 1.3 hours per day during the week.

Have you ever tried to paint with a 3 year old? Or read a Dr. Seuss book with a very curious 7 year old? It takes much longer than an hour to do most things with kids. And that list doesn’t include the hour and a half of bath time, story time, bed time, drinks of water and 2 potty breaks… So you start substituting and sacrificing… Suddenly you only need 5 hours of sleep, no exercise, boxed meals, and working through lunch so you can leave 30 minutes early and knock out a couple of errands…. Working for yourself means you can move and adjust and work around schedules so that you actually have TIME to have a family and to be with them.

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Mad Bragging Rights

The success you feel when you meet a deadline, accomplish a big project, or hit that milestone like a boss is indescribable. It’s world conquering! You were in charge from beginning to end and nobody was there to tell you when or how. It was all you! Now THAT is a good feeling and you’ll want to share it with EVERYBODY!! (hello social media!)

You Get To Know The REAL You

Working for somebody else can be defeating. There’s always somebody hanging over your shoulder and putting their two-cents in. You never have to rely on your own instincts and you can basically just go along with the group mentality. Being a freelancer means you’re on your own. You’ll never know what kind of a boss you’ll be, what kind of a leader you’ll be, or what kind of a PERSON you’ll be until you have to be it. You’ll be forced to figure things out, to confront problems and people head-on. You’ll be in situations that you never expected and have to work and fight to get where you want to be. It’s a constant daily battle, but you’ll love ever second of it.

Being Your Own Boss Isn’t Always A Benefit

What do you do when nobody is looking? Being your own boss means exactly that – you don’t have to get permission… for anything. You can stay in your PJ’s, binge watch Netflix, eat ice cream for lunch, and drink mimosa’s for breakfast. You can take a bath at 9am and not do your hair or shave your legs for days on end. (Sounds attractive, huh?) BUT when the deadline hits, you also don’t have anybody else to pass the blame to. There is no hiding and you don’t have a fallback, or a group to collaborate for sudden solutions. Your scheduling and your tasks are all yours to create. Your sick days take a twist as well cause… well you’re home anyway. Being the boss can sometimes be a total pain in the ass!

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Start/Join in a conversation.


  1. Amberjane on November 8, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Being your own boss is harder I think, it is all on you. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

    • Elle on November 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

      Exactly! I couldn’t agree more. Being your own boss adds a whole extra level of responsibility and pressure. Thanks for repinning and for the comment. Always super appreciated!

  2. Mary-the boondocks blog on November 12, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Being the boss is awesome. So what if I work like a dog. The glory is all mine!! And I’m doing what I love, talking to you wonderful folks. Thanks for brightening my day !!

    • Elle on November 12, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Being the boss is awesome! I couldn’t agree more! It’s just not the “easy” that people think it is. It means you have ALL the responsibility along with all the fun. Like having kids: babies are great, but people forget to remind you that they also turn into toddlers and teenagers. lol. Still great! Just not all sunshine and rainbows. 🙂 Thanks for the comment though, Mary! Appreciate it!

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6 Reasons “Be Your Own Boss” Isn’t Always A Benefit

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