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5 Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

Last week I was scrolling through my social media accounts looking for some awesome content to share with my glorious readers {insert your name here}, when I came across a rather risque image. I’m not talking Silicone Valley worthy or anything, but definitely PG-13 +.

Which got me thinking: if I could find this, and I wasn’t actually looking for this particular person, what about others… say employers or even worse… clients… {cue suspense music}

So I started doing a little research and in a recent Jobvite survey 55% of recruiters said they would reconsider candidates based on something they’d seen on their social media profiles… For serious? I know it’s fun to post all those wild and crazy weekend party pics, but perhaps it’s not the best idea – you know, career-wise. So to help – so none of my awesome readers fall victim to this unfortunate circumstance – I’ve put together this list of 5 things to NEVER post on your social media.

Don’t post anything if it is:

1. Questionable

If you couldn’t show your mom in person, probably shouldn’t be posting it on your site. Now, I’m not saying we should all dress up as angels and dance around on the eggshells together. I don’t think the occasional cuss word, or “out with friends” picture is going to kill your chances of landing the next big client. I’m talking more along the lines of patterns. If you’re out EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND getting hammered, you may not want to post all of those. ALSO: you may want to peruse your friends profiles on occasion to make sure they aren’t slathering your good name with craziness you haven’t approved of.

2. Inconsistent

You know the ones: Guy calls in sick for work and then posts pics of him riding roller coasters and eating funnel cake. Umm….. No. Don’t do that, obviously. But also don’t tell people one thing and then post something else. Lying is terrible as it is, but to be called out on social media for a “little white one” – talk about embarrassing!

3. Rude/Mean

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuttin’ at all.” Everybody remember that from Bambi? Good. Apply it! Especially in today’s social environment, people don’t want to work with or hire somebody if they find ugly comments about religion, race, gender, etc… Everybody has the right to be who they are, don’t be mean. And watch for sarcasm. People who haven’t met you in person may not be able to see the ‘sarcasm-font’ you’ve installed for all your friends.

4. Gossip

It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or workplace gossip. Don’t put people down. It’s SOCIAL media, everybody can see it. And it reflects badly on you. It shows that you’re not a team player and that if somebody crosses you, you’re going to be broadcasting venom all over the interwebs. Gossip is a turn-off and unnecessary. It doesn’t make anybody feel better, ever. Just don’t.

5. Misspelled or Grammatically Incorrect

This is one of my own personal pet peeves! If you’re going to take the time to post something, and you want me to take the time to read it, don’t make me get out a decoder so I can translate all your abbreviations and shortcuts. According to that same Jobvite survey, 66% of people who hire have rejected somebody due to “a poor grasp of proper English.” That’s 2/3, people!! Social media does not mean that you can reject all the rules you learned in school. That’s just ignorance and it’s wrong.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Start/Join in a conversation.

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5 Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

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