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Why I Recommend And Use WordPress

You want the cliff note version:

It’s free, it’s customizable, and most importantly it’s easy to use.



Oh you want more? Haha. Ok.

I recommend WordPress because right now, in today’s web sphere, it’s the best fit for the job. It’s easy to build a customized website on and the updates are as simple as clicking a few buttons.

WordPress has a great reputation and is free for the customer to use. It can be completely customized so you never have to worry about your site looking like anybody else’s. And let’s not forget the plethora of plug-ins, support, and widgets to give your site even more personality and functionality. Combine all of that with an easy-to-use, user-friendly platform and it’s hard to argue.

WordPress offers the flexibility to cater to the ever-changing needs of any business.

Businesses are constantly changing, so even if you’re small now, who knows where you’ll be in a year or two. WordPress puts the power in the clients hands so that they can make changes, create posts or updates, or add details and info when needed.

This is important because as your business changes, your website will need to as well.

This platform offers that ability from launch day. If on day two the business won an award, you could post about it. If six months later you needed to expand and add three new people, you could upload their pic and bio in a matter of minutes.

What does this mean to the client?

I’m not going to lie, WordPress makes it easier for programmers and designers to do our jobs as well, this means we are able to spend less time on the basic setup and more time on customizing and creating much cooler user experiences.

So, in the end the platform benefits the client far more. Because of the ease of updating and the practically non-existent learning curve, clients are in much more control of their own websites and can do a lot of the work themselves instead of having to hire another designer for the minor changes.

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Why I Recommend And Use WordPress

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