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5 Tricks To Make People WANT To Open Your Emails!

First up, take a deep breath and relax – there is so much pressure put on writing the perfect subject line. I’m gonna let you in on a big secret… ready?

People don’t READ subject lines. They scan them.

Most people read their emails on their phones, this means the subject line that you’ve been stressing over for hours, is just a little blip on the radar. So stop giving it so much power and use these 5 simple tricks to make your readers stop and pay attention:

  1. Ask A Question – When somebody asks you something, you automatically want to form an answer in your head. So why not use that to make your readers stop and look at what you have to say?
  2. Use Alliteration – “Smile at These Super Sales.” or “High-Five for High Heels”. Our brains love patterns. They search for them on an unconscious level, which is exactly where you want to get your readers. (Alliteration is the use of similar sounding letters in a row, but you knew that.)
  3. Use Allusion – Try alluring to something that your target audience already associates with, such as song titles, famous quotes, etc.. ie: “Let it Grow.” “Let The Frozen Yogurt Be With You.”
  4. Use Lists – People love lists. BUT they love small lists. Try using numbers in your subject lines. The best numbers to use are less than 9 because it feels “doable”. And odd numbers are usually better because it makes our brains search for a reason why. (Worked for this email didn’t it?) ie: “3 Reasons To Make Lists.”
  5. Use Chunks – Incomplete sentences, although terrible anywhere else, make for great subject lines. Again, they make our brain stop and try to figure out the puzzle of what’s being said. ie: “Work Easier. Be Efficient. We’ll Show You How.”

I hope it helps. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and check back here frequently for more tips and tutorials. I hope to see you around soon. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and if you really enjoyed this post, tell your friends… all the cool kids are doing it!

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5 Tricks To Make People WANT To Open Your Emails!

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