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3 Things To NEVER Put In A Subject Line

As a quick reminder from Email Marketing – Episode ONE:

Take a deep breath and relax – there is so much pressure put on writing the perfect subject line. Remember: People don’t READ subject lines. They scan them.

In the last post, I went over 5 things that you should include in your subject line, so it only makes sense for this posts topic to be things you should NEVER put in your subject line. It’s a little more straight forward and easy to remember. You ready?

  1. Don’t Mislead – If you say something in the subject line, make sure it’s in the body of the email too. Don’t lie to people. That’s a sure-fired way of getting unsubscribed. People don’t like that. Misleading is a great way to get on the fast track to Unsubscribe/No Read Avenue.
  2. Don’t Use Excessive Punctuation – One period. One exclamation. One dash. That should all suffice. You don’t need to end your subject lines with “!!!!!!” It makes you look unprofessional as well as just down right needy. Also, on this note, don’t put in the symbols or emoji’s either. Not all browsers can read those little smiles, so you’ll end up with some sort of code like “#nbs%” which is just confusing in the middle of a sentence. Confusion = Unsubscribe/No Read. That’s not the goal we’re shooting for.
  3. Don’t Use Spammy Words – Try to avoid words like “Sale” or “Savings” or “Clearance” or “$$$” Spam Robots don’t like them so the chances of your email even making it to the inbox go down tremendously. And, be honest, when’s the last time YOU opened an email with those words in teh subject line? Here’s a great list of Spammy Words to avoid.

Bonus “NEVER” Tip: Don’t Use All Caps – I’m sure most of you already know, but all caps in writing is the equivalent of SCREAMING. Don’t do that. Nobody wants to be yelled at. It makes us grumpy and grumpy = _______ you guessed it: Unsubscribe/No Read

Thanks so much for stopping by! I really hope this helps. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and check my blog frequently for more tips and tutorials. I hope to see you around soon. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and if you really enjoyed this post, tell your friends… all the cool kids are doing it!

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3 Things To NEVER Put In A Subject Line

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