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How To Create The Perfect Email Preview Text

Time for the last Email Marketing Episode (for now) haha.

As a quick reminder: People don’t READ subject lines. They scan them…

Knowing that, makes the preview text that much more important!

As you’re flipping through your emails (usually on your mobile device) how often do you stop and click on an email from somebody that isn’t a “real lifer”? Honestly, for me… 1 out of 7 times.. maybe less. It’s all about the preview text. If it catches my eye, I’ll click through. It’s really as simple (or complex) as that.

So in this post (No. 3 in the Subject Line Series) I’m going to give you a few tips to create the greatest preview text you possibly can:

  1. FROM Name – This is literally the most important part of the preview text (or email in general). This is what identifies you to the reader. Make sure you use something they can actually recognize. This isn’t the time to be funny or crafty. Keep it simple and direct.
  2. Teaser Text – This is the part after the FROM Name – the first TWO lines of the email. Make sure you keep this short. Use 6-10 words and less than 40 characters. You have a few seconds to capture your readers attention… make it count!
  3. TOP 3 Words – The very first THREE words are the TOP concern. Don’t be generic. It will be ignored! Which would you be most likely to click on:
    1. “XYZ June Newsletter”
    2. “Did You Know? We Wanted To Tell You First.”

Round Up: Tell the reader WHO is sending the email. Give them a irresistible sample of WHAT the email is going to be about. And last but not least, give them a reason WHY they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to read your email. See… easy!

Thanks so much for joining me in for this round of the email marketing series! I hope it has helped. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and check back here frequently for more tips and tutorials. I hope to see you around soon. Feel free to drop me a line anytime and if you really enjoyed this post, tell your friends… all the cool kids are doing it!

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How To Create The Perfect Email Preview Text

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