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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

As a small business, you might feel as though digital marketing isn’t relevant to you, or that your business is doing fine as it is. However, to take you through just some of the reasons why digital marketing can be so important, FSB have put together a brief guide for you.

Creating a Brand Identity

How would a potential customer feel about your business if they found your social media pages and were quite impressed, only to go to your website and see a poorly designed jumble with little useful information? This is one of the major reasons digital marketing can be so effective for small businesses; uniform quality and consistency can help drive home your core message to potential customers.

Having a digital marketing strategy in place can also help you figure out exactly what you need to focus on in terms of keywords. What do you sell, and how does that relate directly to what people are searching for? Going into business without an awareness of your product’s place in the market will only be damaging long term.

With that in mind, your research and use of digital marketing tools might reveal that a small handful of tweaks in the way you write about yourself and your products could result in higher search volume and visitors. Because increasing the conversion rate is always a core goal of businesses, increasing the number of visitors to your site through tweaking keywords can be a simple first step to a more successful business.

Broaden Your Reach

One of the major benefits of digital marketing is that there are so many avenues to take advantage of. While things such as A/B and multivariate testing for your website can result in incremental changes in conversion rate over time, you have a variety of options when it comes to simply driving more people to your site to begin with.

It could be as simple as having customers sign up to a weekly or monthly newsletter. Even if only a small percentage of those people click through to your site from it, they can still be reminded of and stay engaged with your business.

Social media is also an extremely helpful tool to make use of in your digital marketing. Even if you use social media purely as an avenue to share industry-relevant articles, that still presents a clear image of your business as a knowledgeable and informative thought leader for your industry.

However, think also about the possibility of running competitions through social media also? When a single share or retweet can read potentially hundreds more people, the scope of the giveaway could increase exponentially as more and more people see and engage with it.

It’s a simple offering with a small financial hit, true. However, simple offerings like this are exactly what could increase your customer base dramatically, as well as generally increase public awareness of your brand.

Even if it feels as though there may be little point to a digital marketing strategy in the early days of your business, showing some forethought and preparation for the future could pay serious dividends for you in future.


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Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

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