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7 Self-Employed Productivity Tips To Help You Do More, Faster

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is an awesome adventure! However, it can also be daunting with the amount of work that can be required. The more you can get done, faster, the easier your life becomes and the more you can earn.

But nobody wants to become a robot and sit in front of a computer all day long trying to crank out work… isn’t that why we left the 9-5?

As an entrepreneur, we have the same amount of hours in a day as everybody else, however the best part is, we get to choose exactly how we spend those hours, nobody tells us what to do or when. Again, awesomeness! Wonderful freedom and flexibility!

The solopreneur catch is: you have to be incredibly responsible with your time and how you spend it.

But how do you do that? How do you free up more time and STILL get everything done?

In the research that I’ve done over the years, it seems like most of the “helpful tips” are centered mainly around the 9-to-5 crowd. BUT I have managed to wrangle these 7 Self-Employed Productivity Tips for those freelance rebels like us:

Do The Dread

First thing in the morning, do the thing that you dread the most. Do it before you check you email, or your social media, or turn on the tv. Once you finish that task, everything else for the rest of the day will be easy and put back into perspective. #dothedread

45-Min Focus

Pick a task off your to-do- list and set a timer (I use the one on my phone). Set it for 45 minutes and stay focused. Again, don’t stop to check your email or social media. Really focus in on that one task until the timer goes off. Then stop and take a break for 10-15 minutes and if need be go back to that task and finish or set out on the next task. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll get done, and half the time you won’t even need those full 45 minutes to finish most tasks.

15-Min Push

We all have those tasks that creep up throughout the day that just weigh us down and we can come up with a million reasons that we should put them off. You have two choices: 1) Save them for the “Do The Dread” the next morning. OR 2) Set a timer (again) for 15 minutes and buckle down and push through. You can do anything for 15 minutes. And once you get started, its usually easy to finish the task.

Schedule By Energy & Routine

Different tasks require different levels and types of energy. That’s not news, right? So use that knowledge to your advantage. When you’re most creative, do the tasks that are most suited for those times. When you’re feeling low on energy throughout the day, schedule those times for less intense things. If you’re a morning person, do the heavy lifting in the morning and save the easier stuff for the afternoon and vice versa.

Create A Trigger

It can be anything, but choose something that signals to your brain that it’s time to work. For me, it’s a particular seat. When I sit down and pull my computer out, it’s time to get things done – it’s time to focus. Find something that works for you.

Schedule BEFORE Your Day

Set aside some time to schedule your day out BEFORE your day actually starts. For me, I schedule the next week on Sunday evening, but then I also create my daily to-do list the night before. This way, I know exactly what needs to be done when I first wake up. I already know what my #dothedread project is. And I can get a jumpstart on my day before I’m tempted with social media, tv, or whatever else may happen that morning.

Take Breaks

I know this one may seem counterproductive, but it really is essential to getting more done. If you schedule in time to stretch, or walk around the house, or even just step outside for some fresh air, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel. Your brain needs those breaks; they help kickstart new ideas or even just give you a new perspective when you sit back down to your work.

What Works For You?

What do you do to stay productive? Do you have any other tips that I’ve left out?


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7 Self-Employed Productivity Tips To Help You Do More, Faster

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