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Want More Followers? STOP BEING SO BORING!!

Want More Follower? Stop Being So Boring! To Read More >>
Let’s get real, just for a second.


I have clients coming to me constantly – telling me that they post regularly, they’re always on social media, they’ve created lead magnets, and still they can’t get their business off the ground.


My solution:





Maybe. But also true.


People follow and buy from people because they doing 1 of 4 things:
  • Entertain
  • Encourage
  • Excite
  • Educate


Think about the people that you follow on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram or whatever SM is your favorite. Why do you follow them? Outside of family, do ANY of them fall under a different category? Doubtful.


To help you STOP BEING SO BORING here are 3 tips:

  • Pick Up The Pace –

    • Before you post or broadcast, or whatever else it is that you do online, drink your coffee, splash cold water on our face, eat a candy bar, whatever, but WAKE UP!!
    • Successful entrepreneurs are high-energy and love what they do SO much that it’s practically a performance… and they LOVE it!
  • Demand Attention –

    • Does anybody else remember their moms saying, “I don’t want to have to ask, if you see something that needs to be done just do it.” I know mine did, and guess what, as a mom, I say it too. But, guess what else, that works as well online as it does with my three boys… aka: it doesn’t. People don’t show up to your site or your social media and think, “What should I do here?”
      • TELL THEM WHAT YOU EXPECT. Demand that they pay attention.
      • Not flashing neon buttons, but make it bold. Make it stand out. Make it known that “THIS  is your next step and you WANT to take it!”
    • Tell your followers who they are and make them proud of it! TELL them to listen to you because you’re the best and they will succeed so much faster if they pay attention.
      • But as a follow up of that, make sure that you’re consistent and that you hold true to that! Don’t create a false promise. That turns south QUICK!
  • Be Interesting

    • People do not follow or respond to anything unless it’s interesting. They need to WANT to BE you in some aspect. You’ve got to be:
      1. Hot
      2. Rich
      3. Funny
      4. Crazy
      5. Talented
    • And the more of those you can mix in the better!
So if you really want to grow your following and get people to engage, work with, and buy from you, then you’d better buck up and STOP BEING BORING. Give your fans what they want! Make them look forward to your next post.




This whole business endeavor that you got going, it’s really just a hobby. 
And you’re better than that!


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Want More Followers? STOP BEING SO BORING!!

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