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The #1 Tip To Becoming More Productive – In Business, In Life, In General

The #1 Tip To Being More Productive

I know most of you are a lot like me:

You get up early in the mornings, work out, make healthy breakfasts for your children – who rise out of their beds all smiles and hugs – after taking them to school with little to no traffic, you then get to peacefully sit down to your computers and work completely uninterrupted for several hours…

and then you wake up from that wonderful dreamland…

The baby is crying, your oldest needs his gym clothes that are still in the washing machine, and it’s raining cats and dogs outside… oh and they’re doing construction on the route to school, after dropping the kids off, you get home and the dishes are piled up, the laundry is crawling out of the hampers, and wasn’t there that school bake sell tomorrow?

Yeah, that sounds a little more like how my days have been going – especially lately.

But recently I came across the number one tip to becoming more productive. 

And guess what? It’s working!! So here it is:

Just One Touch

  • That means when you finish your cup of coffee, take it to the sink, wash it, put it away.
  • When you take your shoes off at night, put them in the closet.
  • When you start laundry, only dry it once, then fold at put it away.
  • When you open an email, reply immediately.

Basic concepts, right? Things that most people seem to do via their common sense?

Yeah… Apparently, I’m not most people. 

I suck at all of those things.

  • I leave my coffee cup on my desk, or at the table, or wherever until night, then have to search the house for all the extra dirty dishes.
  • I leave my shoes wherever I take them off, then have to go searching for them in the mornings.
  • I’m notorious for running the dryer 2, 3, 5 times (if they’re drying they don’t need folded yet.)
  • And I open emails, mark them, and then have to remember to go back and respond.

I was spending so much time searching and going back for things, it was ridiculous! I always felt like I could just “do it later.” The only problem with that philosophy is: later has it’s own needs. There is never any extra time in the day.

So instead of spending my time wandering around the house looking for shoes, I know that they are going to be in their proper spot in my closet.

I know my dishes are going to be in the dishwasher, clean and ready to be used again.

I know my laundry is actually going to get done and I won’t have to spend time drying gym shorts via my blowdryer in the morning.

Just One Touch – Is really saving me a ton of time!

And I’m using that saved time for more batch work. I have dedicated an hour every day for reading and responding to my emails. I have added time to my blogging work. And my clients have been happier with my less rushed approach to projects.

All around. It’s been amazing!! You should definitely give it a try!

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The #1 Tip To Becoming More Productive – In Business, In Life, In General

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