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10 Ways to Use Adobe Illustrator to Boost Business

10 Ways To Use Adobe Illustrator To Boost Your Blog/Business

I literally use Adobe Illustrator for almost everything to do with my business – from brainstorming to final designs – it’s the single program that I couldn’t work without.

I find that a lot of designers lean toward Photoshop, and that’s all well and wonderful, but Photoshop is specifically designed for photos. So unless you’re retouching, it’s not the right tool for the job.

(And PLEASE for the love of all that is design, STOP DOING TYPE IN PHOTOSHOP!)

Illustrator has so many benefits and features that can help your business, it really is worth any investment! I use it for drawing, tracing, designing graphics, anything type, color, cropping and pretty much everything else.

So to help you see the different ways that Adobe Illustrator can help you boost your business here is a list I’ve come up with:

1 >> Logos

I see designers all the time creating their/or clients logos in Photoshop. Don’t do this! Photoshop works with raster images (which are pixels), Adobe Illustrator creates vector graphics (which are created with math, I know. Crazy!). But because of the math, vector images can be resized into any proportions without getting grainy or looking blurry. Raster images only have a set number of pixels, so when you enlarge them the get blurry, and when you shrink them they get squishy.

Photoshop also working exclusively in layers so unless you take the time to name each layer, it can be a little annoying to find the right layer to make any changes.

2 >> Blog Post Graphics

One of the easiest ways to set your business and blog apart is to create branded, unique blog post graphics.

These simple graphics will help your audience recognize you in a feed, and will make them more likely to stop and read or even share your posts.

Adobe Illustrator makes it super easy to create a template that you can just edit and save with the new info and image. This will save you so much time!

3 >> Social Media Graphics

Just like your blog post graphics, your social media images should be branded and consistent as well.

By using Adobe Illustrator you can create cover images, app links, profile pictures, and use consistent colors, fonts, and elements throughout your whole brand.

4 >> Photo Cropping

Yes, Photoshop should be used for any photo manipulation or color correcting, however after you’re done with the fine tuning, you can drop your photo into Illustrator and use a clipping mask to crop your image down to a different size or shape.

This makes it even easier to design your type around and make sure everything looks exactly how you envisioned it.

5 >> Business Cards

Why use a template that everybody else can use? Illustrator makes it so easy to create and save your own business card. Then you can simply upload it to any online print shop and have a perfectly unique and personally branded card to show off and be proud of.

6 >> Worksheets & Handouts (aka Lead Magnets)

We all know that to increase our business and email lists we need to have something to offer in exchange for that client information. A worksheet or handout is the perfect thing to giveaway.

Again, Illustrator allows you to create these handouts and then save them as a PDF to be printed or linked to from your ad or site.

7 >> Presentations or Slide Decks

Use Adobe Illustrator to take your presentations and slide decks to the next level! Customize the backgrounds, borders, graphics, and patterns you use. Nobody will have the same design as you. You’ll stand out from the crowd and people (aka your audience) will remember.

8 >> Invitations & Announcements

Got an event coming up? Did you or someone you know just have something awesome happen that you could announce? Create a custom invitation or announcement in Illustrator.

You can set the bleed and the print marks if you’re going to send it out, or you can save it for the web to be emailed or posted immediately.

9 >> Shop Banners

Do you own an Etsy, Shopify, or any other e-commerce store? Illustrator is perfect for creating those custom banners and promotional images for your shop.

Find the dimensions, create a new project, throw in your logo and use your brands colors, fonts, and elements then save for web. Easy!

10 >> Printables & Backgrounds

Give your audience something to take away from your site. Show them you care and you’re there to give value.

Use Adobe Illustrator to create backgrounds for desktops and phones (think quotes or memes). Or you can use it to create printable (to-do lists, planners, templates, etc) save them as PDFs and then upload them for others to download and use.

I know it’s called Illustrator, but there are so many more options and capabilities of the program! These are just a quick 10 off the top of my head. How else could/do you use Illustrator to boost your blog/business?

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10 Ways to Use Adobe Illustrator to Boost Business

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