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New Year. New Planning. New Goals.

New Year. New Planning. New Goals.

Happy New Year! – Having January 1 fall on a Monday this year really made my inner nerd happy.

It’s like the stars aligned and went “Here you go: New Week, New Month, New Year. Now don’t mess this up!”

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE that fresh start feeling. In reality it happens at the beginning of every month. I can high-five myself for all my accomplishments, shrug and let go of all the stuff that didn’t go as planned, and use both of those to create a better plan for the next round.

*happy sigh*

And January 1 is THE BEST fresh start feeling. It’s like the last 12 months are wiped clean and I’m starting all over with a clean slate and brand new confidence and motivation!

But again, there’s something different about this New Year. So much shit happened last year that I got weighed down in it all and struggled hard to find the light of day. I’ve spent the last several weeks testing the waters and fantasizing about everything I want to change and do different that this year, 2018, is going to be awesome! I’m redoing old stuff, pulling out archived ideas, and introducing and launching brand new and exciting things. I can tell that THIS YEAR is going to be epic!

Are you excited for an epic year too??

I’ve already begun one big project that I am REALLY looking forward too! (And honestly a little giddy about!) I have some new challenges that will be launching very soon, so get your creative minds ready. And as I was going through some old files I found a project that I started way back in 2015 that never made it out of the gate, so I’m super excited to see it’s return and debut!

This year I have also come back to working harder at focusing on the smaller/daily wins like publishing a blog post once a week, one that gives you, my readers/friends/raving fans, help and guidance toward your own goals and businesses. Sticking to a better schedule and routine. (Found this really awesome planer by Michael Hyatt, which at first I was skeptical about, but once I started really working through it… yeah I’m hooked.)(*not an affiliate link*) 

One of the new programs I’m launching is the Down + Dirty 30. It’s a crash course half hour power session Skype coaching call with me, where we will dig into your marketing and strategy and work together to create an action plan so you can have an epic 2018 too! (Sound like something you’d like to do? Fill this out and I’ll be in touch soon!)

I really enjoy talking with you guys and helping you work through any problems you’re stuck on. Sometimes just having an outside perspective can help you come up with solutions that you’d never dreamed of, and that little bit of encouragement from a friend can make the world of difference. With my own business, it can sometimes be challenging to step outside my comfort zone and try new things or shake up old things to see if they can be better. It takes hours of brainstorming and pep-talking and a lot of rock-n-roll music to muster the courage to fight against settling for what everyone else is doing. Having someone to talk to, who’s in your corner no matter what, can make it far less daunting!

I’m getting ready to schedule out the rest of my projects now, so make sure you’re watching closely cause there’s all sorts of cool stuff heading your way. In the meantime, if you need some help planning check out this blog post.

Tell Me: What’s your number one business goal for this year?

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New Year. New Planning. New Goals.

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