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5 Reasons I Use Illustrator (Instead of Canva)

5 Reasons I Use Illustrator (instead of Canva)

Overall the choice between Illustrator and Canva is very personal and can vary depending on the person and business.

For myself and for any work that I do for my clients, I will always choose Illustrator.

Why? Cause it makes both mine and my clients lives a million times easier, which is all any of us wants, right?! Here are the top five reasons I use Illustrator instead of Canva:

Illustrator Pro #1 >> Ability For Complete Customization

With Adobe Illustrator I can be as unique as I want to be. I can draw anything I want – I can blend, and make transparent, and mix colors, and change type. I can tweak and select any element I choose. The entire art board is mine to command and I am only limited by my own imagination.

Illustrator Pro #2 >> Ease of Saving and Editing

Canva does have the ability to save your work to its system. However, I have heard horror stories that files have been lost and systems have restarted resulting in months of work being lost. It can also be a pain to find the exact file you’re looking for if you just need to edit something real quick. With Illustrator I can save my files directly to my desktop, jump drive, or dropbox and know exactly where they are and how to get them. I also know that they won’t be deleted unless I do it myself. I am in complete control.

Illustrator Pro #3 >> What I Design Is What Gets Printed

The last time I attempted to use Canva. I was on a time crunch and used it to create a flyer for an elementary school play. Everything worked fairly smooth for the designs and creation, I was actually kind of impressed, but when I saved it and emailed it to my client some of the letters came out as glyphs (these things: œ∑¥ø∆∆∆) when she went to print it off. Did I mention the time crunch? It was a nightmare cause on my screen I couldn’t see the glyphs, but on hers they were there. How do you fix something you can’t see or recreate? I ended up having to recreate the whole thing in Illustrator, which added time to the project thus making it so I got paid less in the end. It was a MESS! Not to mention it made me look completely unprofessional and amateur. *ugh*

Illustrator Pro #4 >> No Boring Templates

This is kind of the like Pro #1, but it’s even better. Anything I create in Illustrator is mine. Nobody else will have that design because it’s directly out of my head and it will stand out from the crowd. I won’t be scrolling through my social media feed and see MY design anywhere else… and neither will anyone else. My brand will be just that: Mine!

Illustrator Pro #5 >> No Lag, No Down For Maintenance, Always Available and Reliable

When you download Illustrator, it’s on your computer. (*duh* right?) But what that means is there is no lag time. There’s not internet connection or speed delays. When I’m ready to work, I can. I don’t have to wait for anything and I never have to worry about the dreaded “Down For Maintenance” page. It’s ready when I am.

Like I said the choice is personal, and everybody has their own preferences. I also understand there’s a place for both in this big wide world of design and business. But being a designer and knowing what I know about both programs, I’ll stick with my Illustrator and back it all the way.

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TELL ME: What do you use for your graphics? Why that one?


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5 Reasons I Use Illustrator (Instead of Canva)

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