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One Month Of Instagram Post Prompts [FREE Cheatsheet]

It’s Monday morning and I have been so excited to share this post that I’ve literally been waiting for the clock. (Yes, I know I could push publish at any point, but there’s something about that round number that makes my #innernerd happy.)

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE fan of Instagram.

I love the visual quickness of the information. It’s easy to use and easy to consume. But sometimes, I find myself staring at my phone.

Drawing a blank – blank canvas, blank brain, blank stare. I have no idea what to post.

Does that ever happen to you?

Sometimes the hardest part about marketing on social media is not knowing where to begin.

It’s hard to always have that perfect idea and always be prepared with some topic to talk about. And one of the worst feelings, at least for me, is that blankness. You know you need to post something… but coming up with good topics or ideas under the pressure and all you can do is stare at the reflection looking back at you from your phone screen.


So to help battle that dreadful blankness, I have compiled this list of over one months worth of post ideas.

You can reuse them, change their order, or add whatever you’d like to it. But I wanted it for both of us, so we can have an plethora (#innernerd smile) of ideas to pull from whenever we need to post.

Sometimes the hardest part of #marketing on #socialmedia is where to begin. Use this list of a months worth of #instagram posting prompts.

Keeping this list close and adding personal notes to it can help us share more often, more consistently, and be better at sticking to our posting schedules and thus making our following grow!

I’ve done some research and I’ve found that posting to Instagram at least 4 times a day (not all at once! Don’t photo dump. That’s just annoying!) will help increase your numbers and keeps you near the top of the feed for most of your customers. Which is exactly where we want to be, correct?

But after discovering that “FOUR times a day”… my brain when “What, How? What could I possibly share that often?” But if you think about it, it really comes down to just needing some prompts and ideas.

When it comes to sharing more of your business and brand, it’s about consistency and connecting, and these topics can help you do just that.

TELL ME: What’s another Instagram Prompt you thought of?

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One Month Of Instagram Post Prompts [FREE Cheatsheet]

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