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Size Matters! Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Size definitely matters… in social media images and posts that is. Although it would be 10x’s easier to create one image and post it across all of your social media platforms, it’s really not the best way to go. For example: Twitter is wide and short where are Pinterest is tall and thin. Posting one…

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5 Important Questions To Ask When Creating A Logo

The world we live in is very visual. Everywhere you go you see banners and billboards, signs and posters, flashing neon and giant bold letters. Our brains are programmed to make snap judgements on “LIKE” or “DON’T LIKE” within seconds – and it’s those snap judgements that brands are competing for. These days with the…

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How To: Feel Good About YOUR Photos.

I’m not a professional photographer by any means. I’m not making that claim, not even close! And honestly, just like all of you I’m sure, I’m my own worse critic. I took over 4000 pictures already this summer and how many made the cut – thirty? maybe. But I don’t feel like the others are…

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35 Ways To Create THE WORST Website EVER. (aka What Not To Do)

I’ve seen a lot of websites in my day – both through design and just through organic searching. However, as a designer it’s different. Instead of just landing on the page and doing my thing, designers (or at least I) start going through it and checking off things that I like and don’t like. If…

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SIX Tips for Designing a Kickass Mobile Website. + A Free Worksheet

verything happens online. I’m sure that’s not news to anybody… now close your eyes and think about how YOU do online. Are you sitting quietly in a cute little coffee shop – open laptop, hipster music, and a latte in hand. Or are you smashed between Frodo Baggins and Wanna-Be-Elvis on the subway while trying…

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