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How To Create A Business Routine + Schedule


Schedules and Lists. That’s how you make shit happen!

I’ve been freelancing for several years now, and I can’t tell you how important keeping a schedule and a routine is to the success of my business. The times when I’d break away and just “wing it” – my finances and my prospects plummeted.

Your clients and your readers like to know that you’re around. They want to know when they can expect you and that you’re a constant force in their little universe.

This means that even as creatives we have to organize our thoughts and be very specific about what, and where, and when things are going to happen.

THIS means keeping detailed lists and having a business routine that you actually follow.

I’ve created this workbook to share my Business Routine Breakdown Checklist with you. It has my daily, weekly and monthly routine as well as an extra page that you can print out and use to create your own checklist.

Feel free to use and tweak it however you see fit to match your business/blogging needs.



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