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35 Ways To Create THE WORST Website EVER. (aka What Not To Do)

I’ve seen a lot of websites in my day – both through design and just through organic searching. However, as a designer it’s different. Instead of just landing on the page and doing my thing, designers (or at least I) start going through it and checking off things that I like and don’t like. If…

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How To: Create A Twitter Page For Your Brand.

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that allows business and consumers to hangout on the same playing field. At no other time in history has this been so readily available and easy to do. Everybody – from big name brands, to celebrities, to musicians, to local coffee shops, and my 12 year old cousin…

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or Good Measure: Hiring A Designer: Part II I was thinking last night… cause I can’t sleep… and I thought of a few more tips to consider before hiring a designer. Remember THIS POST? Well this adds to that. + Listen! You chose and hired your designer for a reason. They know what they’re doing.…

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SIX Tips for Designing a Kickass Mobile Website. + A Free Worksheet

verything happens online. I’m sure that’s not news to anybody… now close your eyes and think about how YOU do online. Are you sitting quietly in a cute little coffee shop – open laptop, hipster music, and a latte in hand. Or are you smashed between Frodo Baggins and Wanna-Be-Elvis on the subway while trying…

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