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Just Shut Up & Listen: Effective Leader Lesson #1

There’s a quote that I hear often. My dad use to  say it to me. I’ve had bosses say it to me. And for the longest time, I ignored it. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what it meant… and then I became a freelancer… “When you talk you’re only repeating what you already…

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How to: Prioritize Your Goals to Achieve Higher Success + FREE Worksheets

As a small business owner, blogger, freelancer or any entrepreneur, mapping out your goals can be a daunting task. There are always more being added and side streets to get lost down. However, accomplishing goals is the quintessential element of running a business. If you’re not doing that… well then you’re not moving forward. It…

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My Top 5 Instagram Apps

Do you use Instagram? No? Well your audience does, so you should probably start. With over 300 million users on Instagram, I don’t think any serious professional can afford NOT to have a platform. It’s a very easy and fun way to get more business leads… what’s not to like with that sentence? In this…

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10 Things To Do BEFORE You Publish + Free Worksheet

You’ve got it all typed up. Looking pretty. And your mouse is hovering over that little blue “Publish” button… WAIT!! Before you click, download this worksheet to make sure you’ve crossed all your ‘i’ and dotted all your ‘t’… (or however that saying goes…) Step 1: SEO Friendly Post Title Make sure that whatever post…

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