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5 Things You Should NEVER Post On Social Media

Last week I was scrolling through my social media accounts looking for some awesome content to share with my glorious readers {insert your name here}, when I came across a rather risque image. I’m not talking Silicone Valley worthy or anything, but definitely PG-13 +. Which got me thinking: if I could find this, and…

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Size Matters! Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Size definitely matters… in social media images and posts that is. Although it would be 10x’s easier to create one image and post it across all of your social media platforms, it’s really not the best way to go. For example: Twitter is wide and short where are Pinterest is tall and thin. Posting one…

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What Does Your Social Media Bio Really Say About You?

By now, you’re all aware that social media is a powerhouse. It has the potential to position you as an industry leader or kick you out into the cold, lock the door and draw the curtains. There is so much to be found on all the different platforms that it has become “entertainment” to swipe…

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4 Tips to Getting Your First (or next) 1000 Instagram Followers

Posting pictures to Instagram is easy. However creating an account that attracts people and makes them WANT to follow along … that’s a little more challenging. That’s where I come in. 🙂 I have come up with FOUR tips for getting your first (or next) 1000 followers on Instagram. 01 + Build Anticipation + Make…

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My Top 5 Instagram Apps

Do you use Instagram? No? Well your audience does, so you should probably start. With over 300 million users on Instagram, I don’t think any serious professional can afford NOT to have a platform. It’s a very easy and fun way to get more business leads… what’s not to like with that sentence? In this…

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