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5 Ways to Market Your Website And Make Money

Congratulations! You’re a brand new (or newly rebranded/refreshed/refocused) business owner. My little entrepreneurs are all growing up. I’m so proud! So you’re sitting there staring at your awesome website and… now what? See that’s the problem – there are a lot of businesses and professionals out there that help you design, and create, and get…

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Size Matters! Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Size definitely matters… in social media images and posts that is. Although it would be 10x’s easier to create one image and post it across all of your social media platforms, it’s really not the best way to go. For example: Twitter is wide and short where are Pinterest is tall and thin. Posting one…

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5 Important Questions To Ask When Creating A Logo

The world we live in is very visual. Everywhere you go you see banners and billboards, signs and posters, flashing neon and giant bold letters. Our brains are programmed to make snap judgements on “LIKE” or “DON’T LIKE” within seconds – and it’s those snap judgements that brands are competing for. These days with the…

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5 Tips To Become A Social Media Expert – Right Now!

A HUGE part in setting up a successful business and website has to do with marketing and how you promote yourself. This is where social media comes in and plays a very important role! It is one of the best ways to gain organic (non-paid) traffic to your site, and when we’re talking about social…

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10 Things To Do BEFORE You Publish + Free Worksheet

You’ve got it all typed up. Looking pretty. And your mouse is hovering over that little blue “Publish” button… WAIT!! Before you click, download this worksheet to make sure you’ve crossed all your ‘i’ and dotted all your ‘t’… (or however that saying goes…) Step 1: SEO Friendly Post Title Make sure that whatever post…

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(Search Engine Optimization) is the “How-To” to getting your site to show up in search results. In other words it’s the skill to getting your site to stand out from the others that pop up when somebody types in a relevant search or keyword. Dealing with SEO can be a huge challenge sometimes. Search engines love big,…

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