James Cocke

James Cocke

In the world of art, there are those who pour their heart and soul into their craft, creating masterpieces that tell a story and captivate the audience. Some artists are celebrated for their unique techniques or bold imagery, while others become household names due to the sheer scope of their talent. James Cocke may not have been painting for long, but his work is already receiving recognition from across the globe.

Despite suffering from end-stage glaucoma, a debilitating condition that slowly steals the eyesight of its victims, James has dedicated himself to creating artwork that tells his life story while raising awareness about glaucoma and mental health. Through objects, songs, people, places, and depictions of experiences – each brushstroke tells a compelling tale of triumph over adversity.

James’ artistic talent has earned him many accolades in recent months. He was bestowed with a distinguished award reserved for artists with disabilities, recognizing his incredible skills in painting despite his vision challenges. His compelling story also caught the attention of radio host on WFSU who interviewed him about his art, motivations and passion to help people by sharing his experience.

The “Local Routes” program on WFSU TV featured James’ journey as a blind artist – delving deeper into his inspiration, technique and ultimate goal of raising awareness about mental health and Glaucoma through his beloved craft.  You can see it here.

But James’ accomplishments extend far beyond just artistic endeavors; he’s also served as a community volunteer where he coached sports including Special Olympics athletes.

As if these accomplishments were not enough, Mr Cocke had written four books and recently co-wrote “Wait A Minute Vine,” with musician Dave Griffin.