From Impaired Vision to Impaired Brilliance: Introducing the Work of James Cocke

Painting is an art form traditionally known for its stunning visuals and intricate details, but for James, it is a way to create inspired works of art despite being visually impaired. In spite of difficulty seeing, Jame’s painting skills have flourished in surprising ways, unlocking hidden capabilities and allowing them to explore the world in a way previously not possible.

The gorgeous artwork of this talented painter cannot be overlooked and has earned local recognition for its refreshingly unique vision, featuring vivid abstract patterns that take viewers on a journey through the eyes of a painter with glaucoma. From distinct contours to brilliant splashes of color, each stroke speaks volumes about their spiritual growth as they constantly strive to push the boundaries through discovery and fearlessness.

Exploring what lies beyond our sight is no small feat but is one that embarks upon with great dedication and enthusiasm in order to share their stories with the world — stories that invite audiences into an unknown realm bound only by a creative spirit built upon passion, courage and strength.


Upcoming Events

You can catch James’s work at events around the southeastern  region.

"Night Visions"

The Center for the Visually Impaired is hosting a Gala, themed "Night Visions" where a couple of my artwork can be seen.

Atlanta History center
March 23, 2023 at 7pm.

WFSU "Local Routes" Interview

Valdosta Man Battles Glaucoma With A Paintbrush and a Positive Attitude

March 10, 2023